No Man's Film 3rd Annual Festival is coming up!

No Man's Film 3rd Annual Festival Sept 14-17th is coming up and if you can walk, hike, bike or fly, to Carbondale CO, I highly recommend it as this promises to be an amazing and inspiring gathering of women in a moment when change is badly needed, and I think we will look back at this time as another pivotal moment in women's history, and sports history.  Plus its just going to be freaking fun!

And if you can't get yourself there, sign up for the mailing list to see when the Festival comes to your city. 

And to be very clear this festival is inclusive of all people, but the goal of these bad ass founders is to fill the badly needed void for a all-female adventure film festival, the content has been there, now the platform is too! Pull on your Patagonia, grab a beer and get ready to be inspired!