Fashion & Mash; MOMA exhibition highlights biofabrications and new technologies as the future of fashion

Rachel Authur of fashion and technology site, Fashion & Mash, piece for Forbes on the Moma's groundbreaking show, is a must read about a must see show.

"MOMA Exhibition Highlights Biofabrications And New Technologies As The Future Of Fashion"
Rachel Arthur - October 3, 2017

The Museum of Modern Art's first exhibition dedicated to fashion design since 1944 presents garments and accessories that have had a profound impact on global culture over the last century.

In Items: Is Fashion Modern?, a total of 111 pieces span everything from the Little Black Dress and Levi's 501 jeans, to the hoodie, the bikini, the stiletto and the Sari. About 30 of the items are also complemented by a new prototype, however - a commissioned or loaned piece inspired by advancements that signify where the industry is moving next.

These have been created by designers, artists, scientists, engineers, and manufacturers - those able to respond to the idea of these “indispensable items” with pioneering materials, approaches, and design revisions. Included is a t-shirt featuring the first lab-grown leather from bioengineering firm Modern Meadow; a dress woven from artificial spider silk by Bolt Threads marking a new partnership with designer Stella McCartney; and a new take on a customizable Breton shirt by 3D knitting company Unmade.

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