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African Spokes, All in a Days WOrk

Entrepreneur Magazine

“Remote work is not a vacation. It takes significant self-discipline and a willingness to say no to all of the incredibly tantalizing distractions around you. Don’t let Instagram fool you — it’s harder than it looks and you work more than you would like.

Access to a network is a must — you can’t be remote while working remotely. You might be able to get away with this for a few days or a week, but consistently not being connected will impact your ability to deliver.

Don’t underestimate the power of face time with people. Ideally, you’ll have established relationships with people beforehand so that you spend your social capital rather than trying to build it while remote working.”

This photo series shows Jen Gurecki (@yogurecki)’s efforts to create an ever evolving work space as she traveled on #AfricanSpokes, a 70-day, 6,520 KM cycling trip through Africa while simultaneously running her business @coalitionsnow. Remote work is all about doing whatever it takes to get your work done in unconventional situations.


African Spokes, Day in the Life

Entrepreneur Magazine

This series is the first of three photo stories which ran on Entrepreneur Magazine's social media channels in May 2018, focusing on businesswoman Jen Gurecki working remotely running her company, Coalition Snow, while cycling with African Spokes across Africa on the 68 day trip.

“At the time I didn’t think through all of the details — had I, I probably wouldn’t have agreed and I wouldn’t be here today. The upside of naively approaching certain decisions is that you actually have the experiences.”

Jen Gurecki, the founder and CEO of Coalition Snow (the world’s first all women’s ski and snowboard company), was invited by African Spokes organizer and friend James Savage to collaborate on the 70-day, 6,520 KM cycling trip starting in Nairobi and ending in Cape Town. “I of course couldn’t say no to one of my good friends, and it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime,“ Gurecki says.

A typical day in Gurecki’s life while running her company based in Lake Tahoe usually consists of her doing a quick check of emails in the morning, followed by taking on certain projects that require her full attention, meetings in the afternoon and of course, answering more emails.
While she embarked on this 70-day journey, a day in her life mainly consisted of cycling. But business never stops, so Gurecki worked in on rest days and evenings. And anytime she had a good cellular network, Gurecki would be checking email and in contact with her team through Slack and Whatsapp.



"Raised in The River"


Raised in the river, darien Georgia

The photo essay was shot in and around Darien, Georgia the week of July 12, 2017.

It follows Captain Wynn Gale and life around the shrimping vessel, the Big Cobb, examining the challenging and changing world of shrimping as a way of life in the Low Country of Georgia in our modern times.

Many thanks to my mentors and editors Kim Hubbard and Mike Belleme, and to Seth and Jesse of Collective Quarterly for bringing together such an extraordinary group.