Oregon Refresh

Portland, Oregon

I took a weekend after the amazing Struktur Conference for outdoor industry designers, to go outdoors myself, for some much needed nature time and greenery.  And man, did Oregon deliver, with unseasonably warm spring weather and impossible brilliant greens that saturated my vision even when I closed my eyes. 

I could feel the calm washing over me, from the vegetation and the mountains in a way that my heart had been craving and my stress knotted muscles almost cried with relief at receiving.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect adventure in the woods of the Columbia Gorge.

The spring water flowed everywhere in beautiful ways that set my ocean mountain loving self alive, from tiny impossibly perfect bonsai like springs to falls that dwarfed the massive jurassic scale trees and tiny people.  The Angel Falls above lived perfectly up their name with the halo of light which, like the beautiful moss which surrounds so much, this weekend as the perpetual rains stopped the sun glowed around everything, and shone on Oregon! 

I look forwards to heading back into the Oregon woods very very soon, I am hooked!

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Big Sky daze

I never have particularly good film or shots of skiing as I simply am engrossed in, well skiing.  The silence, beauty, physicality, challenges to overcome, thrills and camaraderie.  Skiing to me is a sort of coming home, and skiing in Montana is the best sort.  This is a poor mans homage to that but a bit of fun at least.

The lunch yurt in the back off of Shedhorn is always a lovely break and I was thrilled have a healthy enough year to start getting into the Headwaters in Moonlight.  Daunting and awesome!

Horsing Around at Lone Mountain Ranch

I adore these guys, they are massive 2000 pound goofballs from tug of war, to bunny hops and trying to mouth everything in sight, they are such show offs and fun to chill with.  I love heading to Lone Mountain Ranch to hang with these gorgeous boys.


"I'm a trained professional, lady, I can hold this cute as long as it takes until you get the shot."

Skijoring Bozeman

Not for the faint of heart the Duckworth Montana Classic run by the Gallatin Valley Skijoring Association in Bozeman on Saturday was an awesome festival of horses, cowboys and cowgirl, nutty ex ski racers, dogs, fun, stupidity, speed, beer, fun and friends.  I was in heaven!

Each categories the riders and skiers got faster and bolder with the Pro racers competing for big money.  The horses flew by at a full on gallop, rider pushing them faster, as their skier slalomed through gates, over three significant jumps-landing on teeth jarring flats, while grabbing the three rings - any faults caused an addition of 5 seconds to the teams finishing time.  In true ski racer form (and rodeo style, I imagine, I have less experience in this area) after the teams showed their serious skills down the track, they then showed their party skills on the return, juggling beers in the saddle or while ski skating or being towed.  And yes, Montanans' included, we were pretty damned impressed.

I mean really, what could be more perfect than a combination of all the best things in life - skiing, horses, Montana, snow, friends and a bit of alcohol on a gorgeous winter saturday afternoon. 

Misadventures "City Creep and the Perfect Outdoor woman"

At the risk of having to Misadventure Magazine articles in a row, I must share this spot on article by the talented Kristin Warkentin about what the outdoors should be/was, and how social media and the "City Creep" are encroaching on even this sacred space.
As someone just coming off a much needed social media break I couldn't agree more!


Dec 26, Kristin Warkentin, Misadventures Magazine

....The ubiquitousness of the “perfect outdoor woman” mythology means that worry about how I look is creeping into the backcountry.

The backcountry is literally the only place, aside from my living room couch, where I feel I have permission to stop thinking about my parrot nose, or whether my hair is getting wavy in only one direction again, or whether waxing my eyebrows will make the rest of my face look unkempt by comparison.

The problem with city creep, especially of the impossible-beauty-standards variety, is that I’m not sure what we can do about it. (Okay, we already have an answer to the coffee cup problem: they’re called thermoses and they’re seriously underrated.) I dream of starting a hashtag for women looking less than perfect outside....