SXSW Interactive 2017 (in purple and pink)

Austin, Texas of course !

It seems that when I got out and about at SXSW this year the colors were purple and pink, that was not a trend or theme, or most importantly anything to do with futurecasting.

Working with Kenzen at SXSW was a grand success and such a learning experience as we move rapidly forwards.
And attending the National Geographic Explorer VIP party was a highlight-of my year!  These fabulous people and this organization is basically one of the drivers of why I am who I am, and I was far more star struck there by the amazing photographers and social impact and emphasis on truth and "the important thing is not to stop questioning" than I would have with any band, film or such.  Absolutely awesome!

It was also wonderful to see Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Asta Roseway and co win at the Interactive Innovation Awards for DuoSkin in the Future Now category.  I have watched Cindy work on this tech at the Media Lab for a while now and was thrilled when she partnered with Microsoft and by the huge press coverage, the award is well deserved and much to come I am sure!

And naturally any time at SXSW must be rounded out by a party with crazy installations, an epic house (which appeared purpose built for the party) and fun until I was too exhausted to stand. Cue flight home.

Design: The hurdles in Fashion + Tech

This past weekend I participated in the Fashion + Tech panel at the "IAC Visionary: Inspiration, Incubation, and Realization Conference" in NY.  The conversations were intriguing as Wearables are a major emerging product category in our times.

Again and again we demanded that both the design and the technology (in that order) must have long-term appeal for a product to thrive with users.  Technology cannot be used as a novelty to sell an object.  And however trendy it may seem, designers must understand that technology is not always the right solution to problem.  Technology must only be applied where it is the necessary solution and can be utilized flawlessly, and made mouth wateringly desirable.

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