SXSW Interactive 2017 (in purple and pink)

Austin, Texas of course !

It seems that when I got out and about at SXSW this year the colors were purple and pink, that was not a trend or theme, or most importantly anything to do with futurecasting.

Working with Kenzen at SXSW was a grand success and such a learning experience as we move rapidly forwards.
And attending the National Geographic Explorer VIP party was a highlight-of my year!  These fabulous people and this organization is basically one of the drivers of why I am who I am, and I was far more star struck there by the amazing photographers and social impact and emphasis on truth and "the important thing is not to stop questioning" than I would have with any band, film or such.  Absolutely awesome!

It was also wonderful to see Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Asta Roseway and co win at the Interactive Innovation Awards for DuoSkin in the Future Now category.  I have watched Cindy work on this tech at the Media Lab for a while now and was thrilled when she partnered with Microsoft and by the huge press coverage, the award is well deserved and much to come I am sure!

And naturally any time at SXSW must be rounded out by a party with crazy installations, an epic house (which appeared purpose built for the party) and fun until I was too exhausted to stand. Cue flight home.