Vacation Sweet Sweet Vacation

There are few things as sweet as a New England summer at the beach.

...wake up when it feels right.
Walk the dog on the beach, in pj bottoms, bikini top, coffee in hand, sunglasses on, greeting others doing the same.
Return home to complete the swimsuit and wash your face, grab some fruit.
Swim, maybe paddle.
Read some, but fall into naps often, let's be honest.
Eat ice cream or drink a beer.
Friends just show up, because they know they really can, and we all know we really love the place.
Make sure you always know the tide, are in, on or near the water, rarely go inland.
Walk and bike everywhere, drive only when absolutely necessary.
Go barefoot, never use a leash with the dog, always use a leash with your boards.
Watch the sun go down, the way the sea behaves at twilight, infinitely different each night.
See the stars come out and wind up.
Sneak down for a night swim when you like