Wedding Season - The easy "No Makeup, Makeup List"

After a few seasons of finding myself coaching friends and wedding parties through natural/natural looking make up, writing and resharing my lists, I decided to share a really simple version here, I am a bit of a product junky - it's chemistry and innovation and art all bundled up!  And I am excited for all the organic products emerging!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, all things start with drinking a mad amount of water and a daily moisturizer with sun screen!  No amount of healthy living, food, work outs will matter if you don't drink water and wear sunscreen (that brings to mind the song from '99-"always wear sunscreen")  Anyways, I imagine you wash your face every day, so just throw one of the lovelies below on your smoosh, and carry on with your day, if you do nothing else!

Alba Botanica, Even Advanced Moisturizer spf 15, is simple but effective and you cannot go wrong for the price and ingredients ($8 on amazon or more at Whole Foods)  Its what I use for non beach days.
For a more advanced play La Roche Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15 ($27 at CVS or amazon) is amazing, european health and safety standards.  Their whole line is awesome, if you want other products just go there, but it is pricier.

Now makeup, these are wonderful baseline items which are effective, super simple to use but make a big difference, and all but the mascara, are really green (the skin is our biggest organ!).  Buy them for an event but throw them on daily - they are the magic workers.  When I am rushed I just put on uncoverup, mascara and the bareminerals (after moisturizer!) and go.

👌🏼RMS Beauty uncover up (the colors are by #, I use 22, the most popular skin match) but found asking someone for help on color matching useful as that's not my skill set.  It costs $36, but will last forever and is so organic you could eat it, if so inclined.  But this means it moisturizes your under eye bags and spots with coconut oil while you hide them!  You can buy uncover up at Sephora, or go to heavenly eco beauty store, Follain in Boston or DC, for in person help. 
You just smoosh it on like finger paint, which is winning for me as it takes 2 seconds!

👌🏼 Second, fast but miracle worker is Bare Minerals All over Face Color in Pure Radiance.  An illuminator (meaning, it makes you look rested!-but only over moisturized skin, btw!), this color works on all ladies, but use it really sparingly on the tops of your cheekbones.  Well worth it as it lasts forever, $21, at Sephora or online at Bare Minerals. (But beware too much and you will look sweaty and shiny-tap most off brush and back into pot before dusting top of cheek bones.)

👌🏼 A splurge, but worth it mascara because a good mascara will not bleed or travel, I love Dior, Diorshow Mascara, $27.50, at Sephora.  Straightforward black is good for first timers and if you are not a big mascara lady, just brush two strokes on the outside of your lashes (towards the outer edge of your face) and call it a day.  If you are really worried there is Dior, Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, but the regular version stays put through modest tears, but your call. (Buy makeup remover if you buy waterproof!)

👌🏼 Last, an eco lip tint, and homegrown company Morning Calm's Organic Lip Tint, in rose geranium or vanilla, just totally rocks for a bit of red on lips and cheeks, and at $8 on Etsy, or local organic stores.  I love this and give it as gifts constantly.  The maker sends sweet notes and because the tint is plant derived it is never too much, I use it like chapstick because it nourishes so wonderfully.

For Bonus points

❤️ You can use a daily tinted moisturizer, like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - Illuminating.  I use Natural Radiance-but find your color, there aren't too many.  ($44 Sephora but a little goes a long way, this isn't hiding anything entirely, just giving you a bit of coverage and color) If you use this put this on before uncoverup, bare minerals, blush etc...

❤️ Nars Blush in Orgasm is the best selling blush in the country, between the name and the works for everyone color, although I switched to Dolce Vita recently as I didn't want any shimmer.  Both colors are awesome on anyone, and they last forever. ($30, Sephora)

❤️ Lipstick Queen, Hello Sailor's blue tint looks scary but it actually goes on clear (if you don't believe me watch the many! youtube videos) and turns to a shade of berry, on your lips or cheeks.  Because of this process it looks a bit different on everyone, and perfect, like you arent wearing makeup, just have really lush lips.  It rocks!  ($25 on Ulta or Amazon)