Oregon Refresh

Portland, Oregon

I took a weekend after the amazing Struktur Conference for outdoor industry designers, to go outdoors myself, for some much needed nature time and greenery.  And man, did Oregon deliver, with unseasonably warm spring weather and impossible brilliant greens that saturated my vision even when I closed my eyes. 

I could feel the calm washing over me, from the vegetation and the mountains in a way that my heart had been craving and my stress knotted muscles almost cried with relief at receiving.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect adventure in the woods of the Columbia Gorge.

The spring water flowed everywhere in beautiful ways that set my ocean mountain loving self alive, from tiny impossibly perfect bonsai like springs to falls that dwarfed the massive jurassic scale trees and tiny people.  The Angel Falls above lived perfectly up their name with the halo of light which, like the beautiful moss which surrounds so much, this weekend as the perpetual rains stopped the sun glowed around everything, and shone on Oregon! 

I look forwards to heading back into the Oregon woods very very soon, I am hooked!

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