Misadventures "City Creep and the Perfect Outdoor woman"

At the risk of having to Misadventure Magazine articles in a row, I must share this spot on article by the talented Kristin Warkentin about what the outdoors should be/was, and how social media and the "City Creep" are encroaching on even this sacred space.
As someone just coming off a much needed social media break I couldn't agree more!


Dec 26, Kristin Warkentin, Misadventures Magazine

....The ubiquitousness of the “perfect outdoor woman” mythology means that worry about how I look is creeping into the backcountry.

The backcountry is literally the only place, aside from my living room couch, where I feel I have permission to stop thinking about my parrot nose, or whether my hair is getting wavy in only one direction again, or whether waxing my eyebrows will make the rest of my face look unkempt by comparison.

The problem with city creep, especially of the impossible-beauty-standards variety, is that I’m not sure what we can do about it. (Okay, we already have an answer to the coffee cup problem: they’re called thermoses and they’re seriously underrated.) I dream of starting a hashtag for women looking less than perfect outside....