Sports Apparel Innovation

The heart of my work is Sports Apparel Innovation, but the last 8-10 years has seen sports blur with Military, Fashion, Medical more than ever, and so I have worked across these fields as project channels blurred and as clients crossed through their traditional channels in innovation engagement.





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The application of technology to the greatest blue sky opportunities has only grown over the past 10 years, and I have worked in this space, across medical, military, sports and fashion, with groups such as Intel, Manufacture New York, North Face/VF, Kenzen and MIT.  Technology can involve batteries or the best solution for a scenario or brand may involve fabric, construction or even application of cutting edge technology in the manufacturing processes.

Design for Innovation

Design projects range from large scale collaborations on an Olympic running kit, driving concept and designs of lead pieces for a major sports brand, working on clandestine military apparel, team design of an airlock system on a lunar habitat, managing a research team embedded long term in a senior care home to develop truly consumer need driven products. 

I have lived and worked with athletes in the US, Europe and Asia. 

Creating a New Product in a stagnant Market

The Beacon Jacket was developed over a series ofmonths through intensive research and development, as the pilot project for the Apparel Innovation team.  The product successfully achieved the goals of breaking into the visibility market with a new angle, a look that is uniquely New Balance and a head to toe visibility product which has fashionable appeal.


Elite ProfessionalS

Collaborating extensively with the outliers and people at the top of their industry, through workshops and interviews, and more subtle research such as follows and embedded studies is a huge part of identifying problems/opportunities, solution ideas, partners, and design as a whole.

Field research and intensive ethnography, photography and engaging deeply with participants is a very large part of what I do as a designer, and why love what I do.

I have worked intensively with clandestine military forces, Olympic athletes, disabled veterans, top fashion industry thought leaders, extreme sport athletes and many more across a wide array of projects.  This work has been the genesis of some projects and key to solving others, as well as allowing brands to grow rich understanding of their world now and to come.


Innovation Strategy

The 990 Apparel collection came out of a design exercise examining the iconic 990 shoe, and what it would be manifested in apparel.  This allowed us to go deeper than aesthetics; into how and where it would be made, the materials, who would it appeal to and why-to dig really deep into what makes New Balance totally unique as a global brand.  And to translate this into apparel.  These pieces are some of the art that came out of this intensive.